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Top 16 mistakes that could ruin your life


Below are 16 common mistakes that could ruin your life so do your best to avoid them.

Top 20 mistakes that could ruin your life

1) Being born after you graduate: Starting to think about your future when you are already 23,24 or even 30 years old. The Earlier you start the better your chance will be (see also Is it too late to succeed?)
2) Not Studying your manual: Studying the instruction manual of all gadgets while ignoring your own manual (not studying psychology)

6 signs it’s time to leave your job

    Why people will always tell you to keep your job
    Quitting a job or moving to another one has always been a sensitive topic. After all as soon as you think about quitting all of the people you know without exception will usually push you to remain where you are.
    Most people are more comfortable with what they know and what they got used to even if they were unsatisfied with it. It’s so common for a person to keep his horrible job just because he is too afraid to move out of his comfort zone. Those fears extend to other people as well in such a way that the person who has them will always try to scare those who attempt to do things differently.
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    Most people stick to the system even if it drains them and they try to pull back anybody who tries to exit it just because they got programmed to remain where they are even if it hurts them.

    3 Healthy Ways to Face Your Fears


    you might find yourself fearful of things that aren’t actually dangerous, like public speaking. Your fear of public speaking might prevent you from advancing in your career and that can be frustrating. If you really want to go on a vacation to Europe, but your fear of flying prevents you from setting foot in an airplane, you might feel like your fear prevents you from living your dream.

    You may find that your fear holds you back or creates bigger problems in your life.

    1 Should You Face Your Fear?

    You don’t need to conquer every fear you experience. A fear of tsunamis isn’t a big deal if you live 1000 miles away from the ocean. But it may be a problem if you live on the coast and you panic every time you hear about earthquakes, storms, or high tides because you think you might be in danger.

    Body Language: defensive behaviour


    Reading body language: being offended
    When someone becomes offended he takes one of the most famous gestures in body language which is called the defensive position. In the defensive position the person crosses his arms (folds them) and sometimes crosses his legs too. People take this body language gesture when someone says something that offends them or that doesn’t appeal to them.

    Examples of the body language defensive position
    Suppose you met a friend and the first thing he said to you was “hey, where did you get that awful shirt from? It doesn’t suit you at all”.

    In such a case, if the comment bothered you then you might find yourself taking the body language defensive position. Because Your subconscious mind doesn’t think using logic it believes that by crossing your arms you will be protecting yourself from that comment you didn’t like and that’s why it’s was called the defensive position.

    How to Deal With a person when he takes the defensive position
    If you are in a negotiation with someone and he took the body language defensive position then know that he didn’t like something that you said
    If someone took the defensive position after you criticized him then make sure to apologize to him because this gesture shows that he was offended.
    If you were a sales person and you were talking to a customer about the price of a product then you found that he suddenly took the defensive position then try to be flexible and to talk about something else other than the price because his body language indicates that he didn’t like it.
    Always use your mind to determine whether the defensive position was taken because the person was offended or because of any other reason. For example a person could take that position if he was feeling uncomfortable or cold.
    Train yourself to avoid taking the defensive position
    The defensive position can let you leave a bad first impression in a job interview or a business meeting. Its extremely important that you teach yourself how to avoid using that defensive position.

    Internet addiction disorder symptoms and treatment


    Definition of internet addiction disorder
    Internet addiction disorder is relatively a new term that was supported by some parties and criticized by others.

    The point of the debate was whether internet addiction is really a disorder or whether its just a bad habit of over using a new technology. I don’t really care about who is right because what i care about is letting you know why you overuse the internet and how to get over this problem.

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    How to know if someone is lying to you


    Suppose that you went to a friend of yours with a smile on your face and then told him that you were sad, will he believe you?

    No, he would never believe you because he can see the smile on your face. In other words he noticed the inconsistency between your words and your facial expression.