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3 Healthy Ways to Face Your Fears

you might find yourself fearful of things that aren’t actually dangerous, like public speaking. Your fear of public speaking might prevent you from advancing in your career and that can be frustrating. If you really want to go on a vacation to Europe, but your fear of flying prevents you from setting foot in an […]

Body Language: defensive behaviour

Reading body language: being offended When someone becomes offended he takes one of the most famous gestures in body language which is called the defensive position. In the defensive position the person crosses his arms (folds them) and sometimes crosses his legs too. People take this body language gesture when someone says something that offends […]

Internet addiction disorder symptoms and treatment

Definition of internet addiction disorder Internet addiction disorder is relatively a new term that was supported by some parties and criticized by others. The point of the debate was whether internet addiction is really a disorder or whether its just a bad habit of over using a new technology. I don’t really care about who is right […]

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