How to know if someone is lying to you


Signs that Show if Someone Is Lying
The following are signs you should look for when attempting to spot a liar:

Body Language: Liars usually hide their palms and don’t sit straight while telling a lie. They also avoid eye contact while telling the lie and they might take the body language negative evaluation gestures if they felt bad while lying (For more information on that gesture check the full page on a liar’s body language).
Eye Accessing Cues Mismatch: According to NLP The direction the eye moves in reflects the function taking place inside the brain at that time. For example, looking towards the upper left side means that you are constructing an image in your mind while looking at the upper right side means that you are recalling an image. How can that be of use? Well, think about it, if someone looks towards the upper left when asked about something then he’s probably constructing an image of the lie he’s about to tell. This is one sign that shows that he might be lying.(See the full guide to eye accessing cues and liar detection).

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